Kingston International School


At Kingston we are very proud to have developed a special partnership with the United World Schools charity. United World Schools is a charity dedicated to improving education for some of the world's most impoverished children, providing a free basic education to children living in remote and marginalised communities around the globe.

Kingston has been partnered with the Jong Ra School in rural Cambodia. In this part of the world education has previously been impossible for children to access, where rice farming is often the only career option, and the risk of human trafficking and starvation are very real. But now, with the construction of the Jong Ra School things are changing. Children are growing up with greater opportunities, being able to realise their dreams of life beyond rice farming, food is is more readily available and children are safer. This has all been made possible by the continued hard work and support of the Kingston community. Everything from the stationary, tables and chairs, to teacher training, wages and the building itself has been funded by Kingston students, parents and teachers.

Each year we have a target of $78,000HKD to raise in order to continue our support of the Jong Ra School. This responsibility has been taken on by a group of passionate and dedicated Year 4, 5 and 6 students who call themselves the Global Citizens. The Global Citizens meet once a week to discuss and plan fun and engaging fundraising and awareness campaigns.

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