Kingston International School

Weather Information

Kingston follows the Education Bureau arrangements for Kindergartens in tropical cyclones and heavy persistent rain. For the most updated information on school closures in bad weather please check the EDB website. The school will also notify parents by email of school closure information as it is received.

  • Kindergarten / Children Centre
  • Primary School

Typhoon Signals

No. 1 Typhoon SignalSchool operates as normal unless otherwise advised
No. 3 Typhoon SignalClasses are suspended
No. 8 Typhoon SignalClasses are suspended
No.8 Typhoon Signal or above replaced by No.3 Typhoon SignalClasses remain suspended
No.3 Typhoon Signal replaced by No.1 Signal or when all tropical cyclone signals are cancelledClasses resume with the next session unless previous announcement has been made to the effect that classes will be suspended for the entire day

Rainstorm Signals

Amber Rainstorm SignalSchool operates as normal
Red and Black Rainstorm Signal
Issued from 5:30am onwards and before 8:00am
AM classes are suspended
Issued from 10:30am onwards and before 1:00pm
AM classes continue as usual and students will be allowed to leave once conditions are safe
PM Classes are suspended
Issued from 1:00pm onwards
Classes continue as usual and students will be allowed to leave once conditions are safe

If the Typhoon 8 signal or Black Rainstorm signal are hoisted during school hours, parents should make arrangements to pick their child up as soon as it is safe to do so. The school will remain open until all students have been picked up. As always it is up to parents to decide whether they wish to send their children out when weather conditions are bad.

Please note that if a Black Rainstorm Signal is in force, children that travel home by school bus will not be permitted to board school buses. Parents are requested to contact their school bus provider directly to make arrangements.