Kingston International School

Mission, Purpose, and the Kingston Difference

Mission Statement

To provide a challenging and stimulating bilingual (English and Putonghua) environment that nurtures the balanced development of students who, in their own unique way, grow into active and responsible world citizens.

Vision: Together We Are Committed To:

  • Living peacefully together
  • Prioritising people and relationships based on the principles of international-mindedness
  • Assuming shared responsibility for learning, health and well-being
  • Considering individual and collective perspectives while recognising the interdependence of everyone and everything
  • Challenging fixed perspectives
  • Building understandings of others’ identities, cultures, societies and histories
  • Supporting opportunities to engage with different ways of knowing, being and taking action
  • Establishing partnerships among all stakeholders, forming mutually rewarding and productive relationships
  • Building and maintaining friendships, learning proactively and taking collective action
  • Promoting student agency, encouraging voice, choice and ownership of our own learning
  • Extending learning for all students by creating an affirmative and responsive environment that embraces learner diversity from a strength-based perspective
  • Building and supporting a community that values inclusion