Kingston International School

Student Well-being

As an IBPYP school, we believe that each child is a unique individual who benefits from living a balanced life. Through our programme of inquiry and our extra-curricular clubs and activities, we aim to introduce students to a variety of ideas and disciplines in the hope that each student embarks on a journey of growth during their time with us.

Through our programme of inquiry and with the guidance of teachers, parents and peers, we have observed in awe as our students have embarked on journeys that have resulted in: habitats for moon bears and orangutans being sustained; the building of a school in Jong Ra, Cambodia; a variety of sporting successes such as gymnastics, equestrianism, hockey, football, rugby and cross-country running; winning the Hong Kong Battle of the Books, being published in a variety of anthologies; initiating school-wide projects for conservation; participating in beach clean-ups; practicing mindfulness; publishing school newspapers; planting and harvesting our gardens; recycling glass, paper and plastics; musical performances; travelling across the globe and learning about other cultures along the way. For a small school, our students have certainly achieved some big things!

Student voices are an essential part of our community. Every child has the opportunity to make their voice heard through PYP mini exhibitions, performances, charitable and fun clubs, classroom activities and, of course, our Student Representative Council. Kingston's SRC has been responsible for many, many student initiatives over the years and it is with great pride that the adults in the Kingston community have participated in actions that were planned, from start to finish, by students.

Student well-being