Kingston International School


Working as a teacher at Kingston International Kindergarten has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of a community. A community of students, parents, teachers, and management who work together to make sure that all students that enter our school leave with a great sense of self achievement and accomplishment. It is a community that truly values the student as a whole and each one as an individual.

As an international bilingual school, I have had the opportunity to work alongside teachers of different nationalities and have enjoyed working alongside my Putonghua co-teacher. This has allowed me, as a teacher, to see how cultures can merge together creating a harmonious environment that is conducive to learning. It is really great to have the support of a co-teacher, someone whom you can share ideas with when it comes to student based inquiries and lesson planning. It also enhances the value of what can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration.

As the first IBPYP school in Hong Kong, inquiry and student-driven education is at the centre of all our planning meetings and the core of our learning. We are committed to nurturing an appreciation for cultures, languages, and open-mindedness. We encourage our students to ask questions, to be thinkers from an early age, as it is these young thinkers and inquiring minds that will solve many future challenging situations. It is a very rewarding experience to watch and be part of the students' development.

At Kingston International Kindergarten there are many opportunities available for professional growth and development. We hold teacher training both internally and externally. Teachers are often given the opportunity to attend training and networking sessions both nationally and internationally. As a school, we strive to continually grow our teaching practices to meet the requirements and challenges of an ever-changing world.

Robyn Nicolas
Three Year Old Class Teacher

I have been working at Kingston for nearly 8 years and am very proud to be a teacher and Mathematics Coordinator. Here at Kingston, collaborative planning and teamwork are the essence in our approach to teaching and learning. Due to our cozy school atmosphere, teachers know each other well on both a personal and professional level. Colleagues have a great sense of mutual respect for one another as we strive to provide the very best learning experiences for our students. I have made lifelong friendships while working here.

It is a joy to be involved in the growth and development of my wonderful students. I have seen them grow to become mature and capable global citizens, with the necessary skills to tackle real issues they may face throughout their teenage and adult lives. Kingston students are wonderfully curious and committed to their success and are an absolute joy to work with.

At Kingston, we have an abundance of resources. When teachers find a useful resource that can help enhance teaching and learning here, it is seriously considered by our approachable administrative team. We establish excellent relationships with companies both in Hong Kong and abroad in order to ensure we are purchasing the very best resources and equipment. As a school we are progressive with technology and are constantly learning new pedagogy to enhance the transdisciplinary nature of our program.

Here at Kingston there are many enriching opportunities for professional growth and development. Kingston invites Education experts from around the world to visit and facilitate professional development workshops for teachers. In addition to our yearly in-school professional development, I have the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences in line with my professional growth plan. Furthering my understanding of Mathematics education has allowed me to flourish in my teaching and leadership role here at Kingston. I was fortunate to even attend a Mathematics conference in the United States in 2017. Teachers who have keen professional learning interests are supported and nurtured here at Kingston in order to further their journeys into the teaching profession.

Kellie Berry
PYP Coordinator & Mathematics Coordinator (Former PYP Class Teacher)







Fion Kong
Chinese Class Teacher


最專業、最用心的學校——作為香港第一間專業的IB PYP學校,在每一天的教學實踐中,我都能切實體會到學校在IB PYP教學方面的專業性和對學生的良苦用心,學生的學習和其它各方面的進步永遠都是學校考慮的首要因素。學校每年提供各種專業培訓使我能夠始終走在教學領域的前端。每次外出參加IB培訓,我們最大的體會就是京斯敦在各個教學領域都做得十分“模範”和超前,因此我對自己的教學職業充滿信心。





Kerry Xu
Chinese Coordinator & Year 5 Chinese Teacher